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Image Consulting LAB gets together high-ranking italian image consultants, beauty and wellness experts, image coaches and communication specialists that share a specific goal: let authentic beauty and distinctive style of each single client come out.

As an innovative laboratory for Image Consulting, ICLAB mixes italian style, knowledge of international fashion trends and taste in an image consulting service addressed to private individuals (women and men), and as an innovative tool for those companies and organizations who want to improve their staff communication or support their own products with an exclusive service.

Iclab works in Italy and abroad. Image Consulting Lab Headquarter is in Milan, in the worlwide pulse of style and fashion where creativity of the most famous international stylists can read and render the tastes of customers from all over the world. This exciting and challenging field is where iclab professionals operate and grow up every day.

Image Consulting Lab is:

  • Customised services to enhance personal image and gain more self confidence for successful relationships.

  • style courses for everyone and professional workshops to improve everyone’s style culture (knowledge), and become a professional image consultant.

   Style is harmony. An irresistible virtue that needs to be discovered, expressed and nurtured.
We give value to our clients’ image to enhance their uniqueness. That is how we constantly contribute to their success.


Sarah Cossu – ICLAB Director