Image consulting lab takes shape from we! Wellness world that has inspired its vision:
personal image is strictly connected to well-being.

Giving people and organizations new tools to improve their own image means contributing to a powerful and harmonic state.
Only technical and relational abilities together with professional maturity and a dynamic team work can make this possible. That is the real way to guarantee our clients the best service.

  • Clear goals for our client
  • Customized image and style programs
  • High ranking professional consultants with specialised know how

This is all managed through a global vision about our client and a constant connection in the long term.

Style is harmony. Irresistible virtue to be discovered, expressed and nurtured.
Have a pleasant image journey, with Image Consulting Lab.

Sarah Cossu
ICLAB Director | AICI Member – AICI Italy Chapter President Elect


Both in the Academy training and consulting services, Image Consulting Lab recognizes the professional ethics promoted by
Association of Image Consultants International

ICLAB image consultants are AICI Italy Chapter members